加州 2018-2019国际青少年艺术大赛

“Our World, Our Future”

“我们的世界,我们的未来 ”

California 2018-19 International Student Art Contest

加州 2018-2019国际青少年艺术大赛

Thank you for participating “Our World, Our Future”
 2018-19 California International Student Art Contest, The artwork submission window is now closed, but we hope to see you again next year! 

大赛报名通道现已关闭, 期待明年与您相见!

​Artwork judging is currently underway, we will notify you via email for result soon. Please feel free to contact us at usinnovativebay@gmail.com​​​​
本次比赛初审正在进行, 比赛结果将以邮件形式通知您, 如有疑问欢迎联系 usinnovativebay@gmail.com

Contest Invitation (比赛邀请)

Arts For Future is inviting students from all over the world to use their talents, imagination, and creativity to create original artwork “Our World, Our Future”.  California 2018-19 International Student Art Contest is launched by 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization Arts for Future and Peninsula Museum of Art. Organized by Innovative Bay.

由美国艺术关爱未来(Arts For Future) 501C3 慈善机构和美国半岛艺术博物馆(Peninsula Museum of Art) 发起,创意新港(Innovative Bay) 承办的2018-19 国际青少年艺术大赛邀请来自世界不同国家的青少年们用自己的想象、技巧和创造力来描绘 “我们的世界,我们的未来”

Theme (参赛主题)

Our World, Our Future


Eligibility (征稿对象)

Calling Artists: Grades K -12


Group 1 (Age 6 and under)  组 1 (6岁及以下)

Group 2 (Age 7-12) 组 2 (7岁到12岁)

Group 3 (Age 13-17) 组 3 (13岁到17岁)

Requirement (参赛要求)

Participants’ artwork must be original.


 Art can represent the following mediums: drawing and painting (i.e., pencil, charcoal, pastels, colored pencils, oil paints, acrylics, water media, mixed media) and photography.


Students give permission to Arts For Future to exhibit, reproduce, copy and print artwork for the purpose of promoting and publishing.


Artwork should be flat and created (in inches) not exceed 11×17.

所有净作品尺寸请不要超过A3 (29.7 厘米* 42厘米)

Submitting Entries (报名及作品提交)

Entry Deadline : Nov 30, 2018



Entries must be submitted electronically at Arts For Future. Students may submit up to 2 pieces.

艺术关爱未来 Arts For Future 官网提交电子申请。每个学生提交作品不得多于2幅。

Artwork must be submitted in .jpg or .png format. File naming convention: Lastname_FirstInitial_Title.jpg (example: Smith_Jone_Dream.jpg)

所有提交的作品请使用jpg或png格式。文件名应为姓_名_作品名字 (例如: 张_阳_梦想.jpg)


Entry: http://www.artsforfuture.org/contest_chinese




The art will be judged on four primary artistic elements:


Creativity      创意 (25%)

Skill / ability  技巧 (25%)

Color            色彩 (25%)

Expression   主题表达 (25%)

Preliminary Judging Round (初审)

Submit an online entry form with a digital photo of your work by Nov 30, 2018.


Once your artwork is completed, you will take a good digital picture of it to submit by email at the time you submit your online entry form. Do not send your original artwork for the preliminary judging round. A team of judges will review all entries and select finalists in each age category and each artwork category. Finalists will be contacted in 30 days after submission via email.

当您完成了作品之后,请将作品的照片或扫描件附在网络申请中上传。初选时请不要邮寄原始作品。评审委员会会在您提交申请后的30天内做出决定您的作品是否通过初选。最终入选名单将会通过电子邮件通知 (请认真核对电子邮件)。

Finalist Judging Round (最终评审)

If your artwork is selected as a finalist, you will be contacted in 30 days after submission and invited to deliver to us (mail to our headquarter) your original artwork for the final judging round. Note: The expense of getting the original artwork to the judging location is the responsibility of the finalists.

凡通过网络初审的作品将晋级世界区比赛,与全世界的热爱艺术的青少年一争高下。附:所有作品实物请邮寄至艺术关爱未来 (Arts For Future) 美国总部由国际艺术家们现场参评 (邮费自理)

Mailing Address (邮寄地址):  

Arts For Future

39120 Argonaut Way #756, Fremont, CA USA 94538

邮寄地址: 39120 Argonaut Way #756

城市: Fremont, 州: CA, 国家:USA,邮编:94538,  电话: (510) 556 3969

If your artwork is selected as a finalist, please send a fee of $15 (US dollar) to Innovative Bay for framing and certificate shipping.  You will be contacted via emails with more details.

如果您的作品入选世界区比赛,请支付共15美金 (或90元人民币) 的装裱及获奖证书邮寄费给创意新港。详情将会通过电子邮件通知晋级选手。

Finalists’ artwork delivery deadline: Jan 31, 2019

作品邮寄截至日期为 2019年1月31日

All finalists’ original artwork pieces will be added to the Arts For Future permanent collection, and also will be displayed at Peninsula Museum of Art.


Finalists’ Artwork Preparation (作品准备)

Artwork should be flat and two-dimensional created (in inches) not exceed 11″×17″. Please do not frame.

所有作品净尺寸请不要超过 (29.7 厘米* 42厘米),入围作品将继往美国总部统一装裱。


Awards & Honors (奖项设置)

Grand Prize, First Place, Second Place, Third Place and Honorable Mention in each age group will receive a certificate.


Grand Prize, First Place and Second Place will be showed in art exhibition at Peninsula Museum of Art. Their work will be published at “Art Lights Up the Future World”by Arts For Future. The book will be donated to Books For Africa,  and be published in the international media including ABC, NBC, CBS,  Ifeng, Sina, Sohu, Xinhua.

特、一、二等奖作品将会在半岛艺术博物馆展出,获奖作品将编入《Art Lights Up the Future World》并正式出版,书籍将捐赠给非洲儿童书籍基金会。优秀作品将在世界知名媒体ABC(美国广播公司)、 NBC(美国全国广播公司)、 CBS(美国哥伦比亚广播公司)、凤凰网、新浪、搜狐等刊登发表。

Group Award (集体奖)

Each group will receive a Grand Prize, First Place, Second Place, Third Place and Honorable Mention if more than 200, 100, 50 ,20 student submit their work online. And certificate will be awarded to each organization. List of Group Award will be published in the international media including ABC, NBC, CBS,  Ifeng, etc.

对组织200、100、50、20人以上参赛的单位分别授予团体特、一、二、三等奖。集体奖获奖名单将会在世界知名媒体ABC(美国广播公司)、 NBC(美国全国广播公司)、 CBS(美国哥伦比亚广播公司)、凤凰网、新浪、搜狐等刊登发表。

Teaching Award (名师奖)

Teachers will receive Teaching Award if more than 5 of your students’ work got into final round of contest. List of Teaching Award will be published in the international media including ABC, NBC, CBS, CCTV, Ifeng, Sina, Sohu, Xinhua.

对于指导5人(幅)以上学生作品通过初选的老师颁发特别教师奖,获奖老师均发精美证书。优秀教师将在世界知名媒体ABC(美国广播公司)、 NBC(美国全国广播公司)、 CBS(美国哥伦比亚广播公司)、CCTV、凤凰网、新浪、新华网、搜狐等上刊登发表。

Host (主办单位)

Arts For Future (艺术关爱未来)


Organizer (承办方) ​​

Innovative Bay(创意新港)


Support (支持单位)

 Peninsula Museum of Art (美国半岛艺术博物馆)


International Media (国际媒体)

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